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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> the regular meeting of the
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san francisco planning commission. i would like to remind everyone to turn off your cellular phones, pagers and any electronic devices. and for the three gentlemen in the back of the room -- this would be very helpful. miguel? >> here. >> olague? >> here. >> miguel? >> here. >> borden is expected. the first category is items proposed for a continuance. if we can move on -- to the consent calendar. consent calendar, items 1 and 2. both of them are considered to be routine. we will have a roll-call vote. if there is a member of the commission requests -- the
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matter will be removed from consent, or a future hearing. this is for 2020 lombard street, to allow the elimination of a parking space on the ground floor of a two-story building with the commercial district. the residential of street parking space is approximately 150 square feet in several areas. this is for retail commercial space. this is for 2009 -- the request for a conditional use authorization, and the associated equivalent as is known historically, the southern pacific warehouse. and as part of a wireless
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transmission network, operated by t mobil. this is the institutional or commercial structure. this is a mixed use office zoning, height and bulk district. following the public comment, which would take these items off of the consent calendar -- these items are in your hands. >> and is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner? >> moved to approve. >> on the motion of approval for these items -- thank you, commissioners.
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we're at commissioners questions and matters. i'd no. 3 is the consideration of the items, for april 14, 2011. falling public comment, we do ask that you adopt these draft minutes. >> and is there any public comment on the minutes? public comment is closed. >> commissioners, on the motion of approval -- miguel? olague? >> i am here, too. >> hi. >> thank you. commissioners, are there other matters? >> antonini? >> commissioner antonini: i went to denver last week.
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we hear about learning from european cities about things to do in san francisco. we can also learn from american cities. for one thing, this is a city and county. this is a little bit less dense. the population is about 600,000. 60 square miles of this is the airport. and the law means that they have to include their airport in this city and the county. the other interesting thing is that they have district supervisors and the column city council members. they have 11 districts, with a total of 13 and two at large. they have had it this way for 30 years. it is interesting that the number came out to be 11 or the
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district. the parking controls are minimal compared to the ones that we have, and we are obliged to put in residential parking. they want to minimize the surface parking lots, to put this underground or in a less visible location. but there is little traffic relative to san francisco. there are many factors but one of them is that you can drive very easily without going through denver, where this is more difficult than in san francisco. it is noticeably clean as far as the streets. you do not see any graffiti and they are doing things right in that regard. they have people with challenges. i did spend a couple of days. i want to thank the director
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that i spoke to at length, and i have a conversation with steve in jordan, the comprehensive planning manager for the city and county of denver, the equivalent of the planning commission. we did use some homes that were for sale. this was a hundred thousand dollars, and i do not know the average sale price. there are many factors. you can convert your property from rental to an ownership at will, and there is no rent control. by will do more research on what is happening in denver. we will find out what they're doing right and try to learn from this, as a list of things that they are doing right that they could learn from us.
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>> it has been a long time since we've heard a status report on planning. i had a meeting last week and this is up to the staff. i think that we will calendar something in the future. i do not know when this will be communicated to staff. they may want to bring something forward. >> on the 20th, i attended the historic resources survey meeting, and this was interesting for a number of reasons. there were several staff members there, making presentations, with several tables of various sections within the survey.
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so it could explain these to those in attendance. this was on the staff of one of the supervisors. i was there with three members of the public. they were holding another on shot -- saturday, one member of the public asked three questions, and then we left. i will complement the staff on one of the best presentations on historic survey, and i have been in a number of these public meetings. this is by far the best that i have seen. the power. slides were well done, showing the mapping and the examples. it is a shame that this was
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wasted on a lack of public participation. i had discussions with people during the past week, and an item that had been before us, one year ago or so, the extension of the school, in california -- there was a dedication of the new extension, and the green wall is the best example. he still had to throw in a lot, but this is the best example i have seen in san francisco, this is the best that i have seen. the assembly building works, and it was just nice to see something that you have reviewed, and finding this come
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to fruition. >> commissioner? >> i found this very informative, and i am concern about the wireless and and and the master plan for these companies. with the kind of hardware that is out there, what needs to happen, and let thought was most interesting, is that the handsets have exceeded the technology. there is the need to upgrade its equipment to get coverage. i would recommend taking this appointment as well. >> i attended the monday evening dedication -- and this was amazing, to really see the
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theater for the first time, with students performing. and i saw this off-broadway in new york. this was so amazing. this is fostering creativity in teaching, and i think everyone should go to performance. this looks like the most beautiful wildflower meadow. this is very proud, and i am proud we helped to bring us along. >> i did have a meeting with the neighbors, i think this is 1945 -- this was a very interesting meeting with them last night. this is one of the homes approximating the property. and i was a little bit late.
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i was there but i was missing the meeting that was scheduled for the planning commissioners and others involved in the project. they had the prospective parents night, and this was 30 years too late. i like what they did their and this is very nice. commissioner moore: i was wanting a status on the eagle. i have an e-mail from members of the public and i think that this is an issue that the historic preservation commission is looking at, and i would like some kind of a status. something that would be indoors, not that this is something that will come before us. but they were looking at a possible cultural status or something. and also, somebody asked me about, maybe this is something
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for another day. austin, texas. there is a street dedicated to night music and entertainment, sixth street. years ago, there was a conversation starting with the 11th street, and something was there. this is something i wanted to explore a little bit more. it seems to me that it would be good to have a street, or something that is safe or nighttime news and entertainment. also, i spoke earlier today with mario of the youth commission. at some time, there would like to request a joint hearing, the talk about this issue.
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the experiences in terms of housing and other issues. this is something that the commissioners would look at. we have talked about family before here, and this is an issue that maybe we do not focus exclusively on. this is something for july or august. anyway, this came up. commissioner borden: i wanted to support olague's request for the late night idea nd the hea -- ide ana and the hearing on families. commissioner antonini: a couple of places, like the gaslamp in
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san diego, these are almost entirely entertainment, but it would be wonderful to have something like this. we are ready have this on broadway. >> maybe it in the 1980's. >> this is on the calendar. we better change the subject. >> if there are no comments, we can go to the director's report. the board of supervisors and the board of appeals. >> good afternoon. i am here on behalf of the department's staff. the director is out of town this week, attending a conference in new york city.
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i do not have many announcements. i will remind everyone that the department's staff is making the final edits for the meeting on tuesday. the supervisor and a shaded the call for historic preservation issues. and the preservation -- the historic preservation calendar an item for the project with the first hearing in june. maybe you could help me with the exact date. specifically to clarify for the public, the aspects of the project related to -- preservation. >> i would like to be in on that.
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>> if i could have the materials? would that be ok for me to request the materials? >> this concludes the directors announcements. >> rogers? >> i am here to give you your weekly update about your supervisors and the land use activities. i have a few items we wanted to relate from last week. last week, the item was before the land use committee, and focused on transportation and urban design, and sustainability. the members of the board were put through a bit ambitious slide presentation on the issue of rent control and that this
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would be in effect for the residents. they believe the city has a strong development agreement to make certain that there are enforceable provisions to be upheld in the court of law. the attorney's office cannot guarantee anything in the future. the commission will consider these organs after may 16. there was a street vacation before the land use committee, and they heard an hour's worth of public comment, continuing the item without recommendation. this was forwarded to the full board without recommendation. there was an informational hearing and the staff provided this to encompass what was presented to the commission in the last informational hearing,
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with the proposed amendments to the executive park area plan, and the establishment of new zoning guidelines. public comment was favorable, and we continue this item to the chair. at the full board of supervisors last week, they did adopt this plan, a general plan amendment, and this was only a change of one policy to reflect the adoption of the streetscape planning. the largest item was for the light speed project. there was the appeal for over 700 utility cabinets in the public right of way or the provision services. the plan the project was not in
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the definition of this exemption, and they said that this would require an they are. there are unusual circumstances that would have a cumulative impact. the department responded that these claims were not valid because they do allow for the inflation of small facilities and salt -- small structures, not related to the number of structures that could apply under this category. and the public right of way already has similar structures -- structures throughout the city and this is not an unusual circumstance. the department said that this could have a negative effect, but this would be substantial love to be significant. the department maintained that the cabinets are small in size and would be dispersed throughout the city.
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there would be viewed in the context of the existing urban background. and the impact could not occur because no other carrier is considering installing these boxes. this project is subject to the facilities order, to minimize the impact of utility facilities on the pedestrian circulation among other factors. this allows for future community review, upon the location of the cabinet. some board members requested enforceable protocol, to make certain that this would be responsive to community concerns. and on these grounds, the board voted on the matter, on or after may 24. there was a new ordinance introduced i wanted to share with you. the supervisor introduced an
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ordinance, that would amend the police code, the planning code, and the business and tax regulation code to create a limited performance for the indoor locations, and for what is not a live performance. this item will be before you at a future hearing. the zoning administrator is not here today, but he had an item from last week's court of appeals hearing. this was an appeal of the building permit, and they argued that there was no authorization for the permit to remove the general advertising sign with the intention of abandoning the sign. the board voted against the department. there was an appeal of a
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building permit to establish a pharmacy at this property. the continue for the liberation of these drugs, in an area known as pill hill. that not have the votes to overturn the permit. a couple of members of the board supporting the project want to the conditions of approval as proposed by the police department. again, they did not have the votes that were needed for the permit. alternately, the board unanimously approved a permit. there was an appeal that was made by the adjacent property owner of the commission with the unanimous approval of section 309, and this project was also before the board of supervisors. they


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